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In Honor

One of the things that's really struck me over the years as I've walked and fundraised for the Avon Walk is how many people have been affected by breast cancer or other cancers... it often seems like everyone I talk to either knows someone fighting the disease or has lost someone to it. Listed below are the people that I walk for... some for their battles with breast cancer, some for their battles with other cancers. I hope that any work toward prevention and a cure for one kind of cancer will aid in the fight against all cancers.

If I'm missing the name of someone you donated in honor or in memory of, I'm very very sorry! Please email me ASAP so I can get it added. If you'd like to make a donation now, just do so through the link at the top of the page and then email me with any names you'd like added. Thanks!

Annette Coplan
Helene Baker
Rita Singer

Melissa Honabach
Yuko Mera

Colette Dans
Sandy Cranford
Mary Alexander
Pauline Windsor
Angela Ionata
David Hatter

Karen Borkowsky
Bob Kirshbaum
Eloise Caggiano
Judy Cherry
Marcy Shiner Edidin
Kathy Koehler
Mia Koslow
Tina Farinola Savino
Deb Wills

For 2011

Betty Knutson
Clarice Swenson
Helen Sahinen
Nancy Kirksey
Pat L
Shirley Borotka


Adele Duve Van Molieye
Andrea Abbott
Angela Ionata
Anne Bokovay
Anne Fritz
Annie Carpenter
Barbara Cienek
Barbara Fiano
Barbara Sharp
Barbara Walcher
Barbie McMullan
Bella Margolis
Bertha Theodosia 'Teddy' Jeude
Betty Knutson
Carey Lynn Quinn
Carole Shelley
Carolyn Landers
Catherine Smith
Celia Berger
Cherie Fitz
Claire Halber
Clarice Swenson
Connie Cook
Crystal Wiksyk
Cynthia Reiss Schwartz
Darlene Bratcher
Darlene McGinley
David Hatter
Debbie Chu
Deb Wills
Diane Mays
Dot Millen
Edith Delacot
Eileen Rosenthal
Eloise Caggiano
Ester Terriff
Gail Landolfi
Gertrude Kuma
Ghislaine Nocera
Gilda Chavez
Gloria Miller
Gwen Fiskum
Heide Rutten Medina
Helen Anbinder
Helen Mary Cihos
James Stewart
Jan Callies Foster
Janet Lampropoulos
Jean Caldwell
Jean Francis
Jean Mancuso
Jean Wheatcroft
Jeannette Feldman Glass
Jennifer Reeves
Joanne Caravolias
John Tashjian
Joscelyn Hjort
Joyce Lamb
Joyce Owen
Judy Cherry
Judy Patterson
Judy Yuspa
Julie Murphy Wells
Junie Chenoweth
Karen Borkowsky
Karen Trask
Kathy Koehler
Linda Bey
Linda Bush
Linda Shishido
Loida Stewart
Lori Mathews
Lori Nelson
Lori Rubin-Hess
Lucy Smith
Lynn Easter
Manavi's Aunt Sri
Mara Stein
Marcia Eliason
Marcy Shiner Edidin
Margaret Shannahan
Marilyn Ward
Marion Cooksey
Marjorie Huff
Marlene Blumentritt
Mary Alexander
Maryanne Murray
Mary Fontenot
Mary Lyons
Mary Pocock
Mary Waldrup
Mavis Gray
Melissa Pantel-Ku
Mia Koslow
Miriam Terninko
Miss L.T.
Monique Dion-Secula
Mrs F.W.
Ms. M.P.
Nancy Kirksey
Pamela Gregory
Pat L
Pauline Windsor
Peg Sorensen
Priscilla Friedman
Rita Day
Rosalyn Carr
Rose Burakoff
Rose DeSimone
Ruth Katz
Sadie Lautenberg Green
Sandi Cormican
Sandra Bathurst McCloskey
Sandy Morales
Sharon Greene
Shirley Borotka
Sheila Tortorici
Shirley Jennings
Shirley Mehlman
Sylvia Downing
Teresa Hedrick
Theresa Donschez
Theresa Friedrich
Tillie Blasenstein
Tina Farinola Savino
Tricia Valles
Veronica Rak
Victoria Lavington
Virginia Patton
Yvonne Cowley

Nationally, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer every three minutes. Click here for more information on this important cause.

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